Operating Theatre - Miss Mauger LP (PRE-ORDER)
Mark Barrott ‎- Sketches From A Distant Ocean (SHIPPING NEXT WEEK)
Vesu's (Aka Vesa-Matti) - List Of Lizards EP (PRE-ORDER)
Neba Solo - Can 2002 (PRE-ORDER)
Ferdi - All In One (2xLP)
Pataphysical - Periphera (PRE-ORDER)
Dennis Young - Primitive Substance
Rupert Clervaux - After Masterpieces LP
Brainwaltzera - Marzipan (PRE-ORDER)
Various - Kumo No Muko Vol.2 (PRE-ORDER)
Patrick Michaud - Synthétiseurs, Samplers & Polarweiss LP (VG+ Sleeves)
Golden Bug - Cosmic Trigger (PRE-ORDER)
DJ Python - Derretirse (PRE-ORDER)
Leo James - Infinity LP (PRE-ORDER)
Various Artists - Kankyō Ongaku: Japanese Ambient, Environmental & New Age Music 1980 - 1990 3LP (PRE-ORDER)
Trjj - Music Compilation: 12 Dances LP (PRE-ORDER)
Brent Snyder - Cumulus LP (PRE-ORDER)
Hypnobeat - Forbidden Planet (PRE-ORDER)
Various - Outro Tempo II - Electronic And Contemporary Music From Brazil 1984 - 1996 (2xLP)
Weird Dust - Tribes 1.1 (PRE-ORDER)
Jinku - Vagabond EP (PRE-ORDER)
Chen Yi -
Yaaard - How to Download a Glass of Water LP (PRE-ORDER)
Glen Velez - Sweet Season 2LP (PRE-ORDER)
upsammy - Wild Chamber
HNNY - 2014.12.31
Mort Garson - Mother Earth’s Plantasis LP (Ltd. Green Vinyl) (PRE-ORDER)
Mort Garson - Mother Earth’s Plantasia LP (PRE-ORDER)
Dreems - Diamond Bay LP (SHIPPING NEXT WEEK)
Sonmi451 - Nachtmuziek
Pepe Maina - Scerizza LP (Ltd. Marbled Vinyl)
Boards Of Canada ‎- Hi Scores
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Garrett - Private Life II
New World Science - Osmos (Movements) LP (SHIPPING NEXT WEEK)
Alan Hawkshaw And Brian Bennett - Synthesis
Normal Brain - Lady Maid LP
Vtgnike - Steals LP
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Gigi Masin - Wind
Andrew Wasylyk - The Paralian
Androo ‎- Hanko / Sync Dancehall
Lo Kindre - Chlorophytum
Alexandra Stréliski - Inscape
Secede - Tryshasla
Max Graef - Lo Siento Mucho Pero No Hablo Tu Idioma
Book of AM - Part V: Night
Vasco Martins - Universo Da Ilha
Mattheis - Thin Sections
Ramuntcho Matta - Ecoute
V/A - Antipodean Anomalies
RAMZi - Phobiza Amor Fati Vol.3
*NO SOUND CLIPS* Macintosh Plus - Floral Shoppe
Dices + AEM - Rhythm-Cascade
Jason Kolar - Modified Perspectives
Mohammad Reza Mortazavi - Focus
Paolo Modugno - Brise D'Automne
Susso - Keira (PRE-ORDER)