Al Bradley / Scott Hallam - Reflection 001
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1. A1 - Al Bradley - Pale Blue Dot
2. A2 - Al Bradley - In Flagrente Delicto
3. B1 - Scott Hallam - Kettle Crusader
4. B2 - Scott Hallam - Modern Senses

Reflections Of Yesterday

Al Bradley / Scott Hallam - Reflection 001

Reflections Of Yesterday is a new label with an eye on the future and a subtle nod to the past.

Al Bradley has done some mighty fine releases for Midnight Social Recordings, Muzik & Friends Records, Bass Clef Music and his own 3AM Recordings with a penchant for all things Deep and Dubby his tracks were a perfect fit for the first release on Reflections Of Yesterday.

Scott Hallam has had releases on Axia Records, The North Remembers, Epoque Music, Parrish Digital, and Sub-Urban Undertones Recordings.  Although known for his love of full on Acid House, his tracks here delve significantly deeper as he crosses genres with ease.

Orange / Black Marbled Vinyl, 12", EP