Fabrikate - Made Me Feel
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1. A1 - Intro
2. A2 - It's Coming Down
3. A3 - Into The Ground
4. A4 - Love Was Real
5. A5 - On And On
6. A6 - Flame
7. B1 - All Up To Love
8. B2 - Interlude
9. B3 - Dutch
10. B4 - NYCM
11. B5 - Feelings
12. B6 - Ready For Me

Kookoo Records

Fabrikate - Made Me Feel

On their stunning debut album Made Me Feel, Fabrikate take a trip back to the glory days of disco, a time when love was the answer, inclusion was the only message worth spreading and everyone was invited.

Fabrikate are Francis and Chuck — two guys with similar tastes and interests digging into the past to uncover some long lost musical wisdom. Their devotion to this quest grants them laser focus, working like madmen to create bumping, neon-flecked sonic landscapes for their listeners to wander through. 

Vinyl, 12", LP