Digitalism - Reality 2
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1. A1 - Reality
2. A2 - Trans Global Ltd
3. B1 - Flash Forward
4. B2 - Promises
5. B3 - Visuals

Digitalism - Reality 2

The music of Digitalism is usually in equal parts fun and fanciful, earnest and ecstatic. „Reality 2“ - their debut EP on Running Back - is no exception to the rule. Hailing from Hamburg, the place where Germany’s allegedly first and definitely seminal house club Front was based, their sound might not be a direct descendant of that heritage.

At second glance though, it’s not hard to imagine that any of these 5 tracks, if not all of them, would be in heavy rotation, given that club would still be open today. If your underage, any arcade hall would do, too.

Vinyl, 12", EP