Tiger & Woods - Boot & Heel EP
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1. A1 - Gotta Change
2. A2 - Mecanique
3. B1 - Feel The Fire
4. B2 - Rio Rio Rio

Tiger & Woods - Boot & Heel EP

It might come as a surprise, but the „Boot and Heel EP“ might be the first Tiger & Woods product that could be called unashamedly Italo disco. Think Den Harrow and old school CBS radio programming rather than the Italian boogie side of things that used to be the prevalent influence in the Roman’s studio work. Here we go with four tracks that are sharp as knives. Beautifully crafted, perfectly arranged and smitten with the charm of positivity, it’s the perfect soundtrack to the fading summer and next year’s hedonistic club season. Always remember: you gotta change to stay the same.

Vinyl, 12", EP