Drance - Latex Love
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1. A1 - Intro
2. A2 - Latex Love (Original Version)
3. A3 - Latex Love (Instrumental)
4. B1 - Latex Love (Chris Cruse Spotlight Remix)
5. B2 - Latex Love (Kris Baha Dub)
6. B3 - Bonus Track

Drance - Latex Love

Drance was a Los Angeles-based queer industrial dance band that emerged from within Silver Lake's Club Fuck! scene between 1989-1992. Burning brightly in L.A during the AIDS crisis, their songs reflected an uneasiness toward disease and modern culture, a lust for the forbidden, and a raw desire and rage to stay alive on their own terms. "Latex Love" has been remastered for its first-ever release on vinyl.

The track has been updated with a brilliant cover by Kris Baha, as well as a cracking remix from Spotlight's Chris Cruse. The vinyl package includes an essay from artist (and Club Fuck! go-go dancer) Ron Athey, unpublished photos of the band by Michael Matson, and a reproduction of the original Drance sticker. This is the first release from Spotlight Records — an evolution of the infamous Spotlight parties in Los Angeles.

Vinyl, 12", EP