Peter Ludemann & Pit Troja - The Now Generation LP
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1. A1 The Now Generation
2. A2 Panama
3. A3 Inorganic Matter
4. A4 African Nightclub
5. A5 Grease Plant
6. A6 Southerly
7. B1 Mechanical Heart
8. B2 Chemical Threat
9. B3 Steady Going
10. B4 Nepal Trek

Peter Ludemann & Pit Troja - The Now Generation LP

They Say: “Documentary and industrial underlays for current themes of modern life”.

We say: Mind-blowing, percussion-heavy, Afro-tinged, cosmic-disco library bomb.

This is the one. An absolutely outstanding record from 1983 and definitely one of the hardest to find on the collectable German library label, Coloursound.

Full of synth funk, afro beats, exotica, leftfield madness, dance floor dynamite and all-around greatness, The Now Generation (Percussive Underscores) is comfortably one of the very best library records full stop.

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