Suff Daddy - Pompette LP
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1. 01 Pompette Intro
2. 02 Diamond Dreams (feat Kadeshia)
3. 03 Goldteeth
4. 04 Rainin Down (feat Illa J)
5. 05 Supa Suff Kato
6. 06 Club Bob Needed More Sex Drugs
7. 07 Lamborarri
8. 08 Angry Ashtray Brothers (feat The Lunchbirds)
9. 09 My World (feat JuJu Rogers)
10. 10 Safe Distance Interlude (feat Kadeshia Oliviyeah)
11. 11 Piece OF Sunshine (feat Part Time Cooks Horim)
12. 14 Too Much (feat Torky Tork)

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Jakarta Records

Suff Daddy - Pompette LP

Just like his AKA as "DJ Midlifecrises", Suff Daddy' s sound is constantly evolving and mirroring not only the current status of him as an artist, but also as a person – in life and in general. The new album "Pompette" has become a bigger party than usual with more features from friends and fellows, as tempo has increased a little bit more, than what is usually to be expected in classic Suff Daddy tracks.

The 1st single "Lamborarri" makes that pretty clear: a laid-back synth-driven instrumental tune bringing together lo-fi beats and uplifting R'n'B - perfectly setting up the vibe and mood for the album as a whole! The song will also be accompanied by a music video giving a little insight on how to party - Suff Style of course.

Further singles off the album will be released with short visual treatments by Robert Winter and the Low Bros reflecting the one of a kind artwork as well.

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