Domenique Dumont ‎- Comme Ça
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1. 1 Comme Ça
2. 2 L'Esprit De L'Escalier
3. 3 La Basse Et Les Shakers
4. 4 La Bataille De Neige
5. 5 Un Jour Avec Yussef
6. 6 Le Château De Corai

Domenique Dumont ‎- Comme Ça

The eponymous track, Comme ca, sets the tone for a pastel-coloured album with its dreamy French (is it French?) lyrics, steel drums and light reverbed claps. The following track, L'Esprit de l'Escalier, takes us even deeper into Dumont's lost paradise of never-ending soft rock shows. La Basse et les Shakers is the club friendliest track of the record, yet it doesn't lack the genuine sincerity that makes those tunes almost familiar to our ears.

La Bataille de Neige and Un Jour Avec Yussef might be the most melancholic tracks on the album, sounding like revived childhood memories, while the last tune, Le Chateau de Corail, is both a summary and a conclusion to the LP, a goodbye song that encapsulates all of the emotional shades which sprinkled on the five previous tracks.

There's a pinch of nostalgia throughout Domenique Dumont's record, of a time when a curious idea could turn into a soon-to-be forgotten (yet-to-be discovered) pop song. Consider it an introduction to your warm summer nights.

Vinyl, LP, Album