A Separate Reality - Heuristic Programs For Cognitive Centering
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1. A1. The Seagull (Hare Krishna)
2. A2. Daybreak
3. A3. I See You
4. B1. Memories Of Now
5. B2. Hairy Dancer
6. B3. Never Talking To You Again

A Separate Reality - Heuristic Programs For Cognitive Centering

Following up on last fall’s well received stamped testpress vinyl only release of “Everywhere You Look” by A Separate Reality (ASR), the Our Starry Universe label launches for reals (on date) with the ASR debut maxi-ep, “Heuristic Programs For Cognitive Centering.”

ASR is the collaborative vision of veteran NYC producers Nick Chacona (2020VISION/HECTOWORKS/MOODMUSIC) & Tim Wagner (Amy Douglas, Sunrise Hwy, 33Hz).

Wagner admits “The title of the EP might be slightly tongue in cheek, but it’s also on the money. This is a record about the meeting of technology and spirituality. A meeting where you don’t know what will happen - only the possibilities.”

The tracks on this latest release present a 35 minute journey into a world where psych-tinged Cosmic flirts with Balearic chug while downing Jazz laced with dub.

“It’s like the sound track to the surf movie constantly playing in my mind,” Adds Chacona.

Vinyl, 12", EP