Aleksandir - Skin LP
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1. A1. I Used To Dream
2. A2. Threshed
3. A3. Prado
4. A4. Interlude
5. A5. Calvert
6. B1. Technocolour
7. B2. Dotty's Theme
8. B3. Overgrown
9. B4. Skin & Mind


Aleksandir - Skin LP

Skin is the debut album on Omena by Aleksandir. Both musically and conceptually it's his most ambitious work to date, and maybe the first project that feels like a true piece of himself. Half of the tracks are uplifting, while the other half dark, with a more serious tone than we've seen from Aleksandir before. For the first time, the artist has included his own vocals on tracks, adding framework to the album.

Vinyl, LP