Prins Thomas - Traens [2xLP]
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1. A1 - Træns 1
2. A2 - Træns 2
3. A3 - Træns 3
4. B1 - Træns 4
5. B2 - Træns 5
6. C1 - Træns 6
7. C2 - Træns 7
8. C3 - Træns 8
9. D1 - Træns 9
10. D2 - Træns 10

Prins Thomas - Traens [2xLP]

It’s no big secret: The elements of trance music have always played a vital part in the music of Prins Thomas. In fact, there are scholars who argue that these stylistic attributes were the ramp that shot his disco into space. But let’s not pour hot coffee onto the cold one. When the king they call Prins sent a loose bunch of tracks to Gerd Janson to get some sort of feedback, it was like an epiphany: the calling for the missing link between “Logic Trance” compilations of yesteryear and the honey for the strobe light bees of today has finally been answered.

Vinyl, 2x12", LP