Tamburi Neri & Hiroko - Ombre LP [2xLP]
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1. A1 - Le Porte d'Incanto
2. A2 - Giochi d'Ombre
3. B1 - Ama
4. B2 - Sono Perfetto
5. C1 - Il Buio
6. C2 - Barritono
7. D1 - This is the End
8. D2 - Le Labbra

Worst Records

Tamburi Neri & Hiroko - Ombre LP [2xLP]

Tamburi Neri, a duo from Milan, joins Worst Records' strange catalogue with their debut LP. Soberly named "Ombre", it's an organic entity filled with worry. If we discover again with pleasure their signature scarce and elegant style which drew the tension of their first releases, everything here is sewn as a delicate echo chamber. Hiroko's voice responds to a relentless male spoken word, with invocations sometimes vaporous and sometimes lyrical. It's a poetic canvas suspended over the void and balanced by hypnotic rythms on one side and synthetic avant-garde minimalism on the other.

Vinyl, 2x12", Album