Various - Cosmic Discotheque Vol. 4
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1. A1 - Fu King - Fu King
2. A2 - Kebekelektrik - War Dance
3. A3 - Epsilon - Wake Up
4. A4 - Kawasaki Band - Japan Disco
5. A5 - Enigma - Cave Man
6. A6 - Michael Stone - Bravo New York (Instrumental)
7. B1 - Laser - Laser
8. B2 - Rosebud - Women of Ireland
9. B3 - Night Creatures - That's The Night
10. B4 - Orchester Walter Kubiczeck - King Kong
11. B5 - Linda Law - All The Night
12. B6 - I Visconti - Rhesus O

Naughty Rhythm

Various - Cosmic Discotheque Vol. 4

Welcome back to the magical world of Cosmic Discotheque!

This is the fourth volume of the series, a new step-through late 70's most bizarre Disco productions. A whole world of forgotten singles and hidden little treasures as the B-sides of 45s found in flea markets. If compared to the previous volumes, the overall sonic imprint here is characterized by a slightly more Space-Electro sound.

A Moroderian touch that later will become a distinctive feature of the 1980s Disco. Electronic and yet sexy atmospheres fluctuating through a wide range of hypnotic beats and funk grooves are the main ingredients of this Cosmic Discotheque Vol.4. 12 seductive and rare Disco singles that will set your dance floor on fire!

Vinyl, 12", LP, Compilation