Escape Earth - Bleep Inside


(£8.75 Incl VAT)


Hot on the heels of their debut collaborative EP, ‘Exosphere’ —which picked up plays from Violet, Tone Dropout’s Dawl, Jacques Renault and Timothy Clerkin among many others — Corporeal Face and BufoBufo are back with new trax that distil their love of electro, hardcore and acid into a lethal compound. Lead cut ‘Bleep Inside’ mixes old school b-boy breaks with a steely Sheffield bassline; ‘Genome’ is a swung out excursion into sub-heavy acid house; Sydney beat machine Jensen Interceptor turns ‘Bleep Inside’ into a percolating electro killer; and ‘Molecular Cloud’ is the explosive 140bpm meeting pointwhere warehouse rave and electro collide.

Vinyl, 12”, EP

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