Shlundee — “Wait, What?” [Ltd. 150 Copies]


Shlundee — “Wait, What?” [Ltd. 150 Copies]


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What is a shlundee is probably the first thing you’ll ask yourself when you hear this.

In short, it’s a mixture of every music genre that you could imagine, brought to you by Indy Erens. The one-man project Shlundee finds the balance between house, hip-hop & electro. "Himawari" explains that Asia always had a big influence on Shlundee, it's a classic samurai anime. Influenced by club music and the Baltimore / Jersey culture, Shlundee made this EP during lockdown. He had this idea of making something really vibey and different than what people usually expect of him. 'Wait, What?' perfectly represents how Shlundee can expand his boundaries and trying out other stuff. Shlundee is massively influenced by Anz, Lefto, Young Marco, Park Hye Jin, Jamz Supernova & Acemo...

Yellow Vinyl, 12", EP, Ltd. 150 Copies

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