Bernadette Trax - Bernadette Trax EP
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1. A1 Setting Sun (Clip)
2. A2 Captain Solo (Clip)
3. B1 Full Effect (Clip)
4. B2 Mello (Clip)

Bernadette Trax - Bernadette Trax EP


"This is the first of many BERNADETTE TRAX vinyl only releases to come. Named after my mother who got me started in all this, Bernadette Trax is my personal label, a vehicle for my music and a labour of love, specifically my love for deep underground house music of all kinds. The culmination of 30 years of influences, clubbing and too many late nights, this EP features my wonderfully talented friend and vocalist Anna Krestense Gantelius Glahn. Hope you like it and play it."

Vinyl, 12", EP