Comfy Bella - Konkahs
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1. A1 ----- Konkahs
2. B1 ----- Be-Side

Comfy Bella - Konkahs


Organic in both sound and nature, ‘Konkahs’ is a product of the producer’s extensive musical exploration up to this point and a creation of fineness. With just snippets of Garvey’s delicious voice lacing the track, focus remaing on the slick instrumental layers of a dreamy bassline, ambient, jazzy keyboard melodies and vivid percussion. Each one as divine as the next and all carried by a chilled 111 BPM tempo. CB describes the ‘Be-Side’ as the ‘bubble and squeak’ of the EP, using up any ‘left overs’ from the single. With 12 minutes of gorgeous simplicity and woozygrooves, it seems the ‘Be-Side’ is as integral to the identity of the EP as the A-side.

Vinyl, 12", EP