Deep Dean - Ocean's Groove
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1. A1. Ocean Groove (Original Mix)
2. A2. Ocean Groove (Piano Mix)
3. B1. Ocean Groove (Basement Dub)
4. B2. The Awakening

Deep Dean - Ocean's Groove


Mysticisms eyes summer luv dancin’ as new-not-new Deep Dean emerges from the Antipodean well to offer sunrise anthems for the me generation.

A man of mystery, but too tight to be a total new-jack-wack. Releases on a who’s who confirm the tight-tight-tight production matches the swing brimming of technique, confidence and factor one, fun.

Undiluted vibe alives, we ride Ocean Groove, with the Original setting us afloat, teasing the monkey, bassline for open skies and warm hearts. You feel good? The drums club, the hats fly high and that’s all you need.

Someone say ‘more Piano’? Hop, skips, yearning keys and whooosh. Beyond plastic dreamz, break down, up to the stars.

Basement dub, tribes and community embrace, progressive, House muzak. 6 hours in deep to Tenaglia, heads down Barberellas, past or present, today or tomorrow, it’s a way of life.

To close The Awakening presents. Beats familiar, but in a new (beat) style. Eastern strings and bump-to-jump. Never get off that caravan train.

Irreverence aside, such music brings a light against an oft-overbearing angle, where fake it till you make, fashionista turned DJ gimmick – instant emperor’s new clothes – are carried off by an unquestioning hype.

Under that, bumbling away, is a closeness and realness that will remain, whatever the dollar thinks. Love is the key. It makes the world go around.

Join the Mystery.

Vinyl, 12", EP