Torsh - Tienes Fuego
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1. A1 - Thai Take Away (Clip)
2. A2 - Laid On Coco (Clip)
3. B1 - Magic Johnson (Clip)
4. B2 - Can’t Let You Go (Clip)

Torsh - Tienes Fuego


With newcomer Törsh as the first release, the team of Zissou Records establish their uplifting yet down to earth approach to the world of underground dance music. Discover your element with their ¿Tienes Fuego? EP - spicy-firy “Thai Take Away", silky-flowing “Laid On Coco", rich & earthy “Magic Johnson” and cheerful-breezy “Can’t Let You Go". Uncover the raw emotion under all that tamped, dusty patina of the dancefloor and hand out happy smiles without expecting anything in return.

Vinyl, 12", EP