Brexit update for our EU customers

To all our European Union customers 🇪🇺
The only changes you will experience after Brexit are the following:
1) TAX: You will no longer pay tax on your purchases via our website. So a record you would have bought before the 1st January for £11.99 previously, will now cost you £9.99. If your total order is then under 22 euros, you will pay no tax whatsoever, even when it arrives at your EU destination. If your total order is over 22 euros, your government's tax will then be collected either by DPD or your postal service.
2) DELIVERY TIMES: On your DPD services, the delivery time will be a day slower. For example, delivery time to Germany will be 3 working days instead of 2. Royal Mail services (Tracked & Insured and Non Trackable & Uninsured) are unaffected. 
3) PRICES: DPD delivery prices have increased on average by £3. Royal Mail services are largely unaffected and have decreased in some places. 
4) FREE SHIPPING OFFERS: Our free shipping offers have increased to reflect the increased delivery prices from DPD. 
You can check the new free shipping offers below:
It's worth noting not many online record shops offer you such a competitive free shipping offer, even with the increases.
We are as prepared as we can be to continue offering an uninterrupted service post-Brexit. However, there may be slightly slower delivery times in the short term just as customs get used to the new set up.
If you experience any issues, please let us know. Your feedback will be useful, so we can look at ways to improve the service even further in future.
Wishing you all the best over Christmas and New Year, and thank you for your continued support over the past year!
Much love from the CC//HW crew ✌️❤️
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