Reserving Orders


'Reserve My Order' Need To Knows


1) If you would like your order sent out ASAP, do not select 'Reserve My Order'.

If you've chosen it by mistake, just email us ( and we'll send through an email invoice for the delivery fee.

2) Please create an account before choosing to reserve your orders.

If you forget to create an account, all you need to do is register with the email address used for the order. Your orders will then be uploaded to your account.

3) IMPORTANT: Please use the same account and email address for orders. Otherwise it's likely items will go missing from your reserved orders.


Why Would You Choose 'Reserve My Order'?


1) SAVE ON SHIPPING FEES: Reserving orders is a great way to save on delivery fees. You can build your order up to a point where you wish to ship. 

TIP: We have free shipping offers for UK and EU customers (see here), so you could reserve several orders and send them out once they qualify for our free shipping offer. If you press the 'Ship All Available Items' button on your account page we will send you an update on the status of your orders. 

2) GET AHEAD OF THE CROWD: For those extremely in demand upcoming titles, it's a good way to get ahead of the crowd. Once your reserved PRE-ORDER item arrives in stock you will receive an email titled - "ColdCuts // HotWax 🔔 STOCK ALERT 🔔". Inside the email you can pay for the delivery costs.

NOTE: Search your emails if your pre-order item is in stock on our website. You would have received a stock alert where you can pay for the delivery fees. Check your junk mail if you can't locate it.

  3) BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: Reserving orders is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. You can build your orders over time and then ship them all out at once, reducing the environmental impact of all those van and plane journeys.

So save money on shipping fees AND reduce your carbon footprint!


How Do I Ship My Reserved Orders? 


1) You can login in to your account page and press the 'Ship All Available Items' button.

You will then receive an email titled "ColdCuts // HotWax 🚀 YOUR SHIPMENT IS READY 🚀". You can then choose to pay for the delivery fees or just ignore the email and carry on building your order.

If you qualify for free shipping we will send an email confirming you have qualified for free shipping and will process your reserved orders for delivery.

IMPORTANT: Our working hours are Monday - Friday // 1000-1900 (GMT). If you have pressed the 'Ship All Available Items' button during those hours you will receive a response shortly (usually within the hour). If you have pressed it outside our working hours, it will take a little longer to arrive. E.g. Pressed it on a weekend, we will respond Monday morning. 

2) If you have PRE-ORDER items in your reserved orders, you will receive a stock alert via email every time a PRE-ORDER item arrives in stock. The email will be titled - "ColdCuts // HotWax 🔔 STOCK ALERT 🔔".

You can then choose to pay for the delivery fees / wait for more pre-orders to arrive so you can qualify for free shipping / Or ignore and carry building your orders.  


So that should be all you need to know about reserving orders, if you ever have any questions, queries or issues ask Will! You can contact him via