International Service Update

International Service Update
To all our international customers 🌍

The UK's borders have been closed to much of Europe for the past two days and increasingly flights are being cancelled or refused to many destinations around the world due to this new variant of Covid-19. 

As it stands, we are not sending your parcels out to you until these restrictions have eased. Otherwise your parcels will be sitting in a warehouse over the Christmas and New Year holidays, and at risk of being lost amongst the backlog. 
 All your parcels are packed and queued, to be sent out as soon as these restrictions are eased, which hopefully should be soon. 
We apologise for any frustration caused by the delay, and hope you can understand the difficult environment we're working in at the moment. 
We will do our best to get your parcels out to you as soon as we can. 
Stay safe and keep well.
 (Founder @ ColdCuts // HotWax)
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