Hold In-Reserve/Pre-Order Process

IMPORTANT: If you want your order processed ASAP, please pay for shipping fees in the checkout. Hold In-Reserve does NOT mean free shipping.




1) Selecting 'Hold In-Reserve' is a good way to reserve records and save on shipping fees. It means you can build your orders up to a point where you wish to ship.

All you need to do is send us a message saying 'SHIP' via email (to: will@coldcutshotwax.uk) or message us on facebook!

If your order qualifies for free shipping we'll automatically prepare your records and ship them out same day.

If your order doesn't qualify for free shipping you'll receive an email where you can pay for the shipping fees.

It's super simple!


2) It's also a good way to order in-stock and pre-order records without having to wait for all the pre-order records to arrive before your order is shipped!

Every time a pre-order record arrives in-stock you'll receive an email alert where you can pay to ship what you have available.

Below is an example of what you'll receive:

PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to pay for shipping fees and don't select 'Hold In-Reserve' and your order contains in-stock AND pre-order records, your order will only be shipped when all pre-order records arrive in-stock.


Please remember that release dates are at the mercy of labels, distributors, and pressing plants and will change constantly.


VERY IMPORTANT: If you would like a refund on a pre-ordered record, you must apply for a refund within the 60 days from reserving your record. After the 60 day period we can ONLY offer you STORE CREDIT up to the fee you paid for your pre-ordered record.