Information On Reserving Records and Pre-Ordering

IMPORTANT: If you want your order shipped ASAP, please pay for the shipping fees in the checkout. Your order will then be processed automatically when all your records are ready to ship. Choosing 'Reserve My Record/s' does not mean free shipping. 


Please make sure you've created an account before choosing to reserve records. If you haven't created an account, just register using the email you used for the order/s, and your order/s will be automatically added to your new account.





1) Reserving your records is a good way to save on shipping fees. It means you can build your orders up to a point where you wish to ship.

TIP: We have free shipping offers for £50 and over on UK orders, and £100 and over for EU orders. So If all your reserved orders total those amounts then you will qualify for free shipping!


2) It's also a great way to get ahead of the crowd and reserve those limited runs and highly in-demand records before they sell-out. 

Once you've checked out and reserved your record/s they will be safely held in your Reservebox.


You'll then receive an email alert each time a pre-ordered record arrives in-stock. In this email alert you will be given an option to pay for the shipping fees, in which case we'll process all your available items and ship them out within 24 hours. An example of that email alert is shown below:






Then once paid, we will process for shipping!




All you need to do is login in to your account and press the 'ship all available items' button as shown below:



If your order/s qualify for free shipping we'll automatically prepare your records and ship them out.


If your order/s don't qualify for free shipping, you'll receive an email invoice where you can pay for the shipping fees. An example of what you'll receive is shown below:

Follow the 'complete your purchase' button and it will take you to this page:



We work from 9am-7pm, so if we receive your request within those working hours, you will receive your email very shortly.


If it is on the weekend or outside working hours the email will take longer to arrive (i.e. if your request to ship was sent on Saturday evening, you will receive the email invoice Monday morning // if your request was sent late Tuesday night, you will receive the email invoice Wednesday morning).




If you've paid for the shipping fees in your order, but those pre-ordered records are taking longer than expected to arrive, just hit the 'ship all available items' button at your account page and we'll process your order for shipment.


But please note additional shipping fees will be applied when your pre-ordered record/s arrive in-stock. 

You know the deal... release dates are at the mercy of labels, distributors, and pressing plants and change all the time! We are powerless in the process. So please don't get frustrated if your pre-ordered record is taking longer than expected.

If you ever have any questions or queries hit us up, we're always very accommodating and happy to help!


VERY IMPORTANT: If you would like a refund on a pre-ordered record, you must apply for a refund within the 60 days from reserving your record. After the 60 day period we can ONLY offer you STORE CREDIT up to the fee you paid for your pre-ordered record.