1-800 Girls - U, Me and Madonna
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1. A1 U, Me and Madonna
2. A2 Suncream
3. B1 All Day All Night
4. B2 U, Me and Madonna (Sundown Edit)

1-800 Girls - U, Me and Madonna

Clipp.art’s first 12” is finally here! Who else to give the froff lords what they want but the one and only 1-800 Girls with his debut EP entitled ‘U, Me and Madonna’. Blood, sweat and a whole lot of creative juices have got the clipp family to this point and we are thrilled to finally have some physical tuna for the people.

1-800 Girls has been on the move of late with shows all over the UK, international dates in Malta and Poland and recently debuting on Rinse FM. This new ep ‘U, Me and Madonna EP’ is a continuation of his highly successful track U, Me and Madonna premiering on Houseum last year. To date, the track has almost two and a half million spins on YouTube... Everyone remembers that little kid dancing fabulously to the New York skyline.

Three new tracks including the reimagined ‘Sundown edit’ of ‘U, Me and Madonna’ have that distinctive 1-800 Girls sound however a bit more upbeat and including killer euphoria outros.

The second track on the ep would take any dancefloor on an adventure through the deep jungle. Wondering acid lines and some of the smoothest pads we have heard in a while, some kids may never return from the jungle you put them in.

Track three ‘All Day, All Night’ is the magic tool of the release breaking up the soundwaves with this moving heavy bass line chugger. It may even push you through to the 13th hour of your Sunday morning kick ons.

Overall 1-800 Girls has put some proper talent into this release and we have to give him serious props for his craft.

Vinyl, 12", EP