2XM - Inept
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1. A1 - Inept (Clip)
2. A2 - Inept Vocal Dub ft. Neil Macleod (Clip)
3. B1 - I Don't Feel Pain (Clip)
4. B2 - Nausea (Clip)

2XM - Inept


'Brothers' Ben & Liam Murray return to the Nail Shop with Inept, an E.P of emotional house music which soundtracks love, lust, euphoria, heartbreak, late nights and early mornings and everything in between.

Best consumed with a cold drink and factor 15.

The title track has been doing the rounds via Slav's youtube channel, which has been bringing the emotion out of people in the comments section. We decided to bring in long time collaborater with 2XM, Neil Macleod to do a vocal version, to really pluck at the heart strings, the end result is very special.

I Don't Feel Pain, is one that really brings the feels out, listen to it with the sun shining on your face!

Nausea is one for the white island... dead balearic innit! You can imagine drinking a 25euro pint listening to this on repeat... and not being that mad.

Vinyl, 12", EP