9th Creation - Reaching For The Top
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1. A1. Reaching For The Top (Clip)
2. A2. Hes Coming (Clip)
3. A3. The Time Has Come (Clip)
4. A4. It Aint Right (Clip)
5. B1. Why Not Today (Clip)
6. B2. Bionic Love Affair (Clip)
7. B3. Come Back Home (Clip)
8. B4. Happy Go Lucky Man (Clip)
9. B5. A Good Time (Clip)

9th Creation - Reaching For The Top


Past Due Records is proud to officially reissue the 9th Creation’s essential full lengths and singles, carefully remastered and all in their original artworks. Second masterpiece from 9th Creation, “Reaching for the top” was initially released on Prelude records in 1977. A huge step up from “Bubble Gum”, this album dives into disco, funk and gospel funk. Another classic, reissued for the first time ever.

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