A² / Stopouts - Tales From The Archives 2.2
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1. A1 - Stopouts - Kill All Humans
2. B1 - Stopouts - Sandstorm
3. B2 - Freaks

An Alien Recordings

A² / Stopouts - Tales From The Archives 2.2

Alien Recordings was born in the late 80's by Andy Panayi and Alec Stone, out of a love of music and DJing. They also ran a night around London called Alienation, playing a mix of house, electro, breakbeat and techno. They're back as (An) Alien with new material for your listening pleasure; alongside music by legend Terry Francis as well as Panayi and Stone themselves (A²), the likes of Stopouts (Rob Collman + Navigator) were staples of the imprint and they front up for "Tales From The Archives Part 2.2".

There's the brooding Drexciyan electro funk of "Kill All Humans" originally from 1998, a remastered version of "Sandstorm" from their release on Robin Ball's Groovepressure imprint in 1999 and on the B side is the underwater cybernetic epic "Freaks" by A².

Vinyl, 12", EP