Adam Emil & Slim Hustla - Travellers EP

PIFF Records

Adam Emil & Slim Hustla - Travellers EP


Piff Records pulls a petal from it’s 004 with Subjoi, recruiting Adam Emil- who featured on the track Paradise back in September - and Slim Hustla who go twos on the new EP, “Travellers”.

Emil’s side features A1’s “Genuine”, driven by auto-tuned contemporary style vocals that ice all over the melancholy synth work, giving way to “Hovedspring” which presents itself as liquid drum and bass at house tempo - intricate drum programming and trance palet of ambient sounds, well padded throughout.

Slim Hustla takes over the B side, complimenting the ethereal sounds of Emil, first with “Newfound Love” - no less than a synth work out - dripping with arpeggiated notes that open up to their fullest, bouncing between stabs and waves of atmosphere electronics. “We Forget that the Water Cycle and the Life Cycle Are One” takes the beat format of electro, mobilized by acoustic drum sounds, setting the listener up for a full-blown acid hardcore breakbeat closer on “Midnight in Copenhagen”.

Vinyl, 12", EP

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