Adam Port - White Noise Romantica
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1. A - Adam Port - White Noise Romantica
2. B - Yeah But No - Run Run Run (Adam Port Remix)

Adam Port - White Noise Romantica

Over the course of his discography, Adam Port has made a name for himself as a man of many facets and sentiments. On his new Keinemusik EP, we'll meet him again as the virtuoso of tender, yet inducing tones and grooves, delivering nothing less than an anthemic floor romance on side A, fittingly titled "White Noise Romantica". In sound design, it's as Port as it gets with all the percussive nuances, the looming haze of bass, the staccato synth hook that altogether intertwine to a gradual build-up of excitement, yet avoiding an overly obvious break-construction and rather maintaining a graceful posture from start to finish.

Vinyl, 12", EP