Admiral - Cash On The Line
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1. A1. Pearl Diver (Clip)
2. A2. Halfraw Meat (Clip)
3. A3. Lonely Palms Couch Party (Clip)
4. B1. Magic Mentor (Clip)
5. B2. Soho Girl (Clip)
6. B3. You Left Me Empty (Clip)

Admiral - Cash On The Line


Coasting into the nebula from parts unknown, Admiral takes the helm with a debut LP release coming on Panoram's Wandering Eye Imprint. Ommitting rhodes licks, cosmic lunar drones and warbled space-funk, it exists in an ameobic state between the past, future and present, distilling down ideas of genres and musical innovation once played in clubs across the 9th planet. Alien terms such as "jazz", "brazillian music", "boogie and "left-field pop" could be said to grace it's bows - past ideas and innovations that would be eventually lost to glacial shifts, pacific waste dumps and rise of industrialised states.

Coming 14th October, it's the last ride out, with the final destination? The tumescent aural seascape of the inner mind

Vinyl, LP