Agrippa - Dead Wait
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1. A1 - Squid Girls
2. A2 - Dead Wait
3. B1 - Spice Raiders
4. B2 - Scabs

Par Avion

Agrippa - Dead Wait

Opening with 'Squid Girls', the A side emphasises the washed-out gloom we're used to from Agrippa. The title track, however, drives his rhythmic intentions home in no uncertain terms, and exemplifies his recent progression towards producing certified depth charges, strictly for club deployment.

On the flip, Agrippa further demonstrates an aptitude for creating sounds with a wonky edge to them. The low-passed, scything lead in 'Spice Raiders' harks back to his 2018 release on Version, and rolls along with similarly battering perc. While the rumbling lows and sparkling tops of 'Scabs' fall away in a decidedly minor key, ending the communication on a characteristically sombre note.

Vinyl, 12", EP