Alan Parker / Madeline Bell - The Voice Of Soul
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1. A1 Love Is All (Clip)
2. A2 Mr. Smooth Man (Clip)
3. A3 Youve Got What It Takes (Clip)
4. A4 Youre A Winner (Clip)
5. A5 Your Smile (Clip)
6. A6 Time Goes By (Clip)
7. B1 Move And Shake Your Body (Clip)
8. B2 Love Doctor (Clip)
9. B3 Soul Slap (Clip)
10. B4 Crumpet (Clip)
11. B5 Thats What Friends Are For (Clip)
12. B6 Flying High (Clip)

Alan Parker / Madeline Bell - The Voice Of Soul


Veteran library musician Alan Parker recorded with session vocalist Madeline Bell for his Themes International Music label and the result was 1976’s The Voice of Soul. The sensational uptempo dancer “That’s What Friends Are For” is probably the most well known track on the record, and is a big hit on the rare groove scene, but it is by no means an anomaly. The Voice of Soul is essentially a perfect, sophisticated soul album with heaps of swagger and sass from beginning to end. Its once generic-sounding title is now deservedly definitive. And the whole LP oozes sex. It oozes sex so much that it could have soundtracked a period porn film. Indeed, parts of it did. “Love Is All” and “You’ve Got What It Takes” both featured on the infamously banned Pretty Peaches from the same year. As is usual with library records, The Voice of Soul was hard to get even when it was first released. It’s next to impossible now. So here’s your opportunity to own what is in our opinion one of the finest rare soul LPs of the late 70s, and a superb example of Madeline Bell’s superlative vocal talents. But that’s not the whole story. As well as pitching the record as “a varied selection of modern female vocal features which are equally suitable for background or radio programme usage", the original release notes go on to explain that “the corresponding backing tracks are issued on TIM 1022 The Sound of Soul. Therefore it is possible to edit from vocal to instrumental version and vica versa where commentary or scene changes occur.

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