Aldorande - Aldorande (2xLP)
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1. A1. Beauty Island
2. A2. Sir Boastful
3. B1. Praia Do Destino
4. B2. Sous La Lune
5. C1. Petite Cherie
6. C2. Straight To The Point
7. D1. Because Of You
8. D2. Rayon Vert
9. D3. La Fin Est Un Commencement

Aldorande - Aldorande (2xLP)

Ready for an adventure running parallel to their lives in common units, the quartet boarded a starship to set off on an astral expedition. The mission began perfectly, according to plan. From the very first measures, the travellers were released from the Earth's gravity. Very quickly, their home planet appeared tiny and distant, before disappearing completely. Comets and novae lit the way through the fathomless depths of interstellar space. Their preliminary, in-depth studies of seventies jazz-funk were a great source of inspiration. Very early on, they knew that this sonic esthetic would allow them to travel even farther, navigating only with organic instruments and no digital backing or enhancements.

2 x 12", Vinyl, LP, Album, Gatefold