Alexandra Stréliski - Inscape

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Secret City Records

Alexandra Stréliski - Inscape


Special Limited Edition Milky Clear 12’’ Vinyl in Single Pocket Jacket with uncoated finish. Exclusive Poster printed both sides included. Black dust sleeve hosting vinyl. Download coupon included. 45 RPM audiophile quality. -panels cardboard jacket with uncoated finish, left pocket glued. No booklet. Sticker outside shrink-wrap.

One of the rare women in the neoclassical world, Alexandra Stréliski is hardly a conventional pianist. Hailing from a classical background yet free-spirited, she creates music that enthralls listeners, filling their minds with rich, cinematic images.

She made her debut with the album Pianoscope in 2010, but the general public discovered her via Jean-Marc Vallée ’s films Dallas Buyers Club (2013) and Demolition (2016) and, more recently, the trailer of the Quebec director’s acclaimed HBO series Big Little Lies (2017). Building on this momentum, the composer and musician is now fully prepared to make her next artistic statement with the album Inscape , due out on Secret City Records.

“ Inscape” is a portmanteau combining the words “interior” and “landscape.” This philosophical concept has been associated with both visual art and psychoanalysis, and it becomes wonderfully musical in the hands of Stréliski.

“ To me,” says Stréliski, “Inscape was an existential crisis. A year where everything capsized and I had to go through various interior landscapes – hectic, beautiful and painful at the same time. I found myself in a space filled with grey areas that I didn’t know how to escape. It was a crucial turning point for me. A year of creative evolution during which I reconnected with my deep nature, my essence, my X.”

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