Alexei Vishnya - Heart LP
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1. A1 - В Этом Году
2. A2 - Расческa
3. A3 - Шао-Мяо
4. A4 - Сегодня-Ночью
5. A5 - Вурдалаков-Гимн
6. A6 - Весна-Мертвецов
7. B1 - Сансара
8. B2 - Love 1
9. B3 - Love 2
10. B4 - Песня-Которой-Не-Будет-Конца
11. B5 - Изобилие-Благовоний
12. B6 - Сердце

Alexei Vishnya - Heart LP

Aleksey Vishnya is known for producing some of the most iconic Soviet rock albums, perhaps overshadowing his work as a solo artist. On this masterfully produced album Vishnya lays out his ode to the heart using what synths and drum machines could be found around the USSR at the time—a technological and poetic achievement. Vishnya’s cherry sweet vocals float smoothly over dancey electronic rhythms. This is the debut release of Sincere Sensation, a label for 'nostalgic sounds from the east of somewhere'.

Vinyl, 12", LP, Reissue