Alma Negra - Sedowa EP
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1. Alma Negra - Sedowa EP
2. Alma Negra - Sedowa EP
3. Alma Negra - Sedowa EP

Alma Negra - Sedowa EP


Swiss trio Alma Negra have been on an unstoppable march in recent years, bringing their extensive knowledge of African and Latin music to contemporary productions in a circular fashion that exists beautifully out of time. That all the music on Sedowa is hand-played is testament to the natural flow of this infectious, instinctive dance music, leading in with the sprightly funk of "Sedowa" before easing into the transcendental stomp of "Sueno Latino." "Oya" is no slouch on the B2 either, bringing a heavier disco-funk groove to the record that will suit more house-inclined DJs without compromising on the organic rattle and clatter that makes Alma Negra such a stand out crew.

Vinyl, 12", EP