Andre Tanker - River Come Down
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1. A River Come Down (Clip)
2. B Movin Round (Clip)

Andre Tanker - River Come Down


After the famous Andre Tanker’s “Back Home”, Jamwax is very proud to reissue River Come Down in its 12'' version.

Originally released on the Contraband label in 1979 and recorded at famous Semp studio in Trinidad, “ River Come Down” is a blend of islands funk, soul, disco, soca with also a touch of gospel: “River, the river come down, the river come down, the river down...wind blow like a hurricane...the river come down, washing the right, washing the wrong, washing the weak, washing the strong, the river come down...”

On the other side you will find an obscure synth instrumental released on an impossible to find 7'' in 1986. “ Movin Round” was produced by Andre Tanker for Horace Wilson's Turn of The Tide.

This song was absolutely under the radar and remains a strong banger for any dances.

Vinyl, 12”, EP, Reissue