Andrej Lassech ft. Jasmina Makota - Can't Get This Feeling EP
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1. A1 - Can't Get This Feeling
2. A2 - Can't Get This Feeling (Vibe Mix)
3. B1 - Can't Get This Feeling (Dub Mix)
4. B2 - You & I

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Andrej Lassech ft. Jasmina Makota - Can't Get This Feeling EP


Andrej Lasic (Laseech) is an artist, producer and audio engineer from Štinjan, Pula, Croatia. More intrigued with underground music, he started producing music and in 2016 he released his first EP "Grotlo" on Hand Job Recordings and first single "Soulgroove" on famous King Street Sounds.

In 2018 he released his first vinyl single "Remember" on famous Australian deep house label Red Ember Records and singed his first remix for Jan Kincl & Regis Kattie's song 'Florette' on PDV records.

From Jazzy, Funky and Soulful to Raw, Groovy, Deep and Acid, Andrej Laseech is considered to be one of finest Croatian artists from the new generation. His 'Can't Get This Feeling' EP represents a deep and meaningful connection between soul, jazz and that classic deep house sound, but also a connection between two artists and friends Andrej Laseech and Jasmina Makota. Syncopated groove, loving jazzy chords with Jasmina's beautiful voice and heart touching lyrics makes this EP a wonderful love story.

Vinyl, 12", EP