Andy Compton & Shamrock - Bunny Chow
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1. A1. Bunny Chow
2. A2. Everything Is Gravy (feat Asli)
3. B1. Nifanyeje
4. B2. Roga Mziki

Andy Compton & Shamrock - Bunny Chow


Lumberjacks In Hell welcomes deep house vet Andy Compton and Shamrock for a trip into plush disco, laid back funk and more besides. Bunny Chow was reportedly recorded in South Africa, and features the vocal talents of Asli on a number of the tracks. You can certainly hear the Afro influence creeping into the simmering groove of the title track, while Asli's vocals shine through the clearest on the downtempo tones of "Everything Is Gravy." "Nifanyeje" is another warm trip through Afro disco replete with noodling guitar lines and a crisp drum machine beat, while "Roga Mziki" ends the record on a high note with a final blast of that infectious, sunkissed sound the pair have clearly mastered on their musical adventure.

Vinyl, 12", EP