Apollo Theo - Night Cruise

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For The Love Of It

Apollo Theo - Night Cruise

After their success of their single 'Smile' which was the theme song of warner brothers movie 'High Society' and placed on different commericals this Neo-Funk duo release it´s first debut album with a lot of 80s boogie and funk tunes. Featuring cali rappers King Tee, MC Eiht, Fresh Daily, Chuuwee and vocalists Benny Sings, JATA & NEEON. The LA/Berlin based funkduo is executive produced by Shuko the man behind different production of artists like The Clipse, Lee Fields, Snoop Dogg, B-Real and many more. "It´s a fact" with Benny Sings is also exclusively available on this limited 300 Vinyl edition with 12 tracks full of good old memories from the 80s funk era with a little modern twist of hiphop and which makes 'Night Cruise' the perfect soundtrack for some city rides at midnight.

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