Asquith - Never Alone


Asquith - Never Alone



Jimmy Asquith follows up his massive dancefloor-crushing solo debut 'The Conditioning Track' with a four track techno-house-bass EP that shimmers with London-via-West Yorkshire influences.

Treading further down the path of UK bass, garage and house - whilst incorporating a heaving mid-Germany techno edge and the skippy NY-Jersey sound - this EP sees a breakout in four directions and a smatter of extra colour in the producers pallet.

Hard Skippin' (Cream Dub) is the huge garage-house A-side. Taking UK house back to it's 90's roots whilst giving a nod to both North & South England garage styles. Title track Never Alone is a techno bomb straight outta Berlin. Channeling a bit of Wax and EQ'd, this is high-tempo, synth stab-heavy stuff with choppy French house undertones.

On the flip we have Hot Hot, a reimagining of UK funky through a techno club lens. A no frills drum, bass and vocal track that oozes rhythm and lands heavy with each drop. Lastly we have NRG Mix, a stepped rhythmic filtered slab of dub techno that washes and waves from break to break, steeped in rumbling subs.

Vinyl, 12", EP

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