Ava Rocha & Los Toscos - Caminando Sobre Huesos 7"
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1. A - Caminando Sobre Huesos
2. B - Lloraré Llorarás

Names You Can Trust

Ava Rocha & Los Toscos - Caminando Sobre Huesos 7"

Names You Can Trust is proud to continue the tradition of collaborations with the finest musical talents the world has to offer, sin fronteras. The latest release features a pair of cuts from the renowned Ava Rocha, backed by punk cumbiero all-stars & NYCT alumni, Los Toscos.

What she brings on her latest single easily stands alone on musical merit, but gains greater nuance and significance as the powerful lyrics emerge. With a disarming chanteuse vocal delivery and a stark groove that would be equally at home on an early Tom Waits record or in the psychedelic jam sessions of a '70s Fuentes group, this double sider is ultimately a great introduction to Rocha's Latinx punk social commentary but should also slide right in with DJs looking for a versatile addition to their boxes.

Vinyl, 7"