B From E - The Year 8080
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B From E - The Year 8080

B From E aka. Mr Free (Tartelet Records / Traxx Underground / Copenhagen Underground Posse) conveys his modern take on early techno and breakbeats spiked with trance elements on "The Year 8080" for his own, resurrected Buddahood imprint.

Deep atmospheres, sharp melodies and uplifting energy are the main ingredients of the sound of B From E, the housier moniker of the Danish producer and musician Frej Levin. With room for variety, he has created a playground in favour of trancey detours inspired by US techno and early European house music. The encounter between ghetto music and the mindset of finding altered states through a endless, timeless trance is what Frej invites us into - namely his buddha "hood".

Vinyl, 12", EP