Bakground - Clubjammerz
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1. A1 - Forgotten (Clip)
2. A2 - Remember Dis (Clip)
3. B1 - Clubjammerz (Clip)
4. B2 - Lemon (Clip)
5. B3 - Phasez (Clip)

Bakground - Clubjammerz


Bakground follows up his humungous release for E-Beamz and RSD with a back-to-the-raw jungle, DNB and bassline white label on Lobster.

Having honed a early 90's breakbeat infused sound that gives a heavy nod to London and the Good Lookin' sound, this handstamped five-tracker explores his scintillating sound pallet, cycling through scuffed & muffled jungle, heavy-chopped drum 'n' bass and womping bassline-garage-house.

Seriously sub-heavy club weapons incoming!

Vinyl, 12", EP