Barson / Freddy Fresh / Artes / John Shima - TRB01

Tribe Recordings

Barson / Freddy Fresh / Artes / John Shima - TRB01

Tribe is a record label created by like-minded artists from Barcelona, with a bold purpose of generating and sharing their idea of timeless electronic music. The debut EP Tribe01 comprises four different yet catchy and charismatic tunes that meet at the same point –  the dance floor.

As you take off from the A side, you discover an audioreactive tune “Inertia” – a creation of Baraso & Sonodab aka Barson. The track has a genuine ravy soul spiced with an acid touch and a memorable pad that will get stuck in your head.

As you continue exploring A side, you recognize the 1996 masterpiece “Hamstrung” by Freddy Fresh aka Modulator, head of Analog Records USA. This exclusive re-edit made with Freddy’s permission has a legendary groove of 90’s and filtered hats that make a good party great.

Moving on to the B side, you meet a serious dance floor burner “Chromatic Life” – a creation of Artes. The track is a travel towards the unknown depth of acid, house and techno sounds – a journey you want to make.

As you finish your sound voyage, you discover a phenomenal “Gravitron” by a mastermind John Shima. The track breathes a melancholic tune, garnished with John’s unique charisma: detroitish pads, acid elements, and a well-balanced groove that will hypnotize with its vibe.

Vinyl, 12", EP