Beat Per Bar / 4 A.M. - S/T
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1. A1 Beat Per Bar - Thats Nice - Gimme A Couple More Us Jack Mix
2. A2. Beat Per Bar - Yahh.Money
3. B1. 4 A.M. - Just Wait And See Deepest Mix
4. B2. 4 A.M. - Love It After Hours Mix

Beat Per Bar / 4 A.M. - S/T

Under the pseudonyms 4 A.M. and Beat Per Bar, Lupos Sobre-Vega released two eccentric 12”s, of what, in retrospect, can be called vernacular house music. Both records are individualistic collisions of New Wave, Bass, Freestyle, Hi-NRG, Acid, and Sample House recorded in Sobre-Vega’s home studio in Orange County, Los Angeles. Using a Yamaha QX-5, Roland S-50, his mom's Roland Juno 60, EMU drum machines, and Yamaha DX-7, he put his nascent jazz chops to use and laid down the idiosyncratic dance tracks that he would self-release on his own label, House Hold Records, in 1988 and 1989 respectively. Although both 12”s were credited to groups, Sobre-Vega confirms that “the so-called band members were club friends. A couple were models and actors, or just plain good ol’ dancers. They were strategically picked by me, of course. So yeah, 4 A.M. and BEAT PER BAR are 300% me. There is no other.”

Vinyl, 12", EP