Beautiful Swimmers - The Sound Of Love International 002 (2LP)
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1. A1. Plunky – Africa Sunset
2. A2. Harlem Gem – More Than You Can Wish
3. A3. Svend Undseth – Aquilla Aquela
4. B1. Alex Simon – Runnin’ Out Of Time (Instrumental)
5. B2. Mark Goddard – Tiny’s First Journey
6. B3. Foe – Are U Da Bomb / Blow Up Girl (Beautiful Swimmers Edit)
7. C1. Nature Love – You Turn Me Around (Karu Mix)
8. C2. KW Griff – Be Ya Girl
9. C3. The Horn – Whiddon On Dow
10. D1. Hieroglyphic Being Presents Analogous Doom – Living In A Zome
11. D2. Spirit Garden – Electra City

Love International Recordings x Test Pressing

Beautiful Swimmers - The Sound Of Love International 002 (2LP)

After signing on with Gatto Fritto’s mind-melting Sound of Love International Volume 1, we’re back, we can smell summer and we’re putting you in the capable hands of festival favourites, Washington DC’s Beautiful Swimmers.

A beautiful swimmer is a small blue crab. The Beautiful Swimmers are Ari Goldman and Andrew Field-Pickering (AKA Max D). And you, my friend, are about to get high on the happy. They’re here to take you on a gleeful joyride around their collective musical imagination.

The Swimmers are full-bore record enthusiasts you see, but whereas you might associate this with squirrelly, exclusive and crabby sorts, they are inclusive, human and warm. It’s a wide-eyed ebullient romp and the joy of discovery is one to share. And to see them DJ IS a joy - they’re having at least as much fun as anyone else in the room, locked together tight, riding the same wave.

2 x 12", Vinyl, LP, Compilation