Beigean - Baat EP


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The first release on Tava Discs arrives courtesy of label-founder Beigean, confidently establishing their remit of discovering and showcasing charismatic house and techno from a gritty, DIY perspective.

Influenced by a diverse joyful musical upbringing of East Coast hip-hop, turn of the millennium tribal techno, UK bass, Punjabi folk and Bollywood disco, each of the four tracks on Beigean's EP flawlessly but daringly weave each of these specific musical avenues into hyper-specific and utterly physical tapestries of sound, road-tested and engineered to turn open-minded dancefloors outside of their heads.

Rooted in a cross-generational and cross-cultural heritage specific to UK dance and rave culture, Beigean's debut EP announces a new talent with an irresistible perspective.

Vinyl, 12", EP

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