Bell Towers - I'm Moving To Berlin
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1. A1. I'm Moving To Berlin
2. B1. Sexual Intruder Alert
3. B2. Approach & Identify

Bell Towers - I'm Moving To Berlin

REPRESS ALERT: Through his glittering catalogue for Public Possession, Bell Towers has proven himself to be a leading light in contemporary house that packs personality and class to match its club dynamics. His irreverent humour comes out in droves on "I'm Moving To Berlin", which thumps with the '80s-tinged energy he does so well. "Sexual Intruder Alert" actually sees the BT sound edge a little more towards techno, perhaps appropriate given the subject matter of the EP, and then "Approach & Identify" takes things in a tense, sleazy direction that jacks with a rawness you could imagine Ron Hardy going absolutely apeshit for.

Vinyl, 12", EP